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This page contains helpful information about auto painting. From simple scratch removal to high-end custom paint jobs, your local collision shop can help you navigate the process and choose the paint job that is best for your vehicle and your budget.

Auto Painting

To repaint or not to repaint?

Why Repaint? If your car has been in an accident, suffered door dings, or faded with age, your local collision shop can transforming your car into a new(er)-looking vehicle with a fresh paint job.

If your car is in good shape and runs well, it may make sense to spiff up the exterior with a simple paint job or a fresh clear coat.  Some owners invest in an inexpensive paint job to help them get more money when selling their car, too.

As long as there is no structural damage to the vehicle, the collision shop can do simple cosmetic repairs to correct surface damage like scratches, scuffs and scrapes. When deciding whether to invest in cosmetic repairs for your vehicle, keep in mind that even very minor damage, if not addressed, can leave your vehicle vulnerable to rust over time.

 damage goes beyond the surface, additional body work may be required.

Beyond Restoration

If you really want to go the extra mile in making your ride look good, specialty paint can make your car stand out from the crowd. Air brush, pin striping and two-tone metallic paints are a few of the special effects that can customize your look.

Choosing a Paint

In order to ensure your car looks its best, go with the best paint you can afford based on brand, type, color, and clear coat. It is hard for the average driver to distinguish between all of the features of the various hardeners, top coats, nitro-cellulose paints, acrylic enamels and gloss sealants.

Trust the professionals to recommend the best paint for your car. 

In addition, many factors such as age, wear, sun-damage, etc. can make difficult to match the new paint with the old. An experienced, professional, collision shop can often come very close but the very best way to ensure that the new parts match the old parts is to re-paint the entire car.