Considering an Alternative Fuel Vehicle in Walled Lake?

November 29, 2017

There is a clear and vocal demand in Walled Lake and nationally for a reduction in air pollution and our dependence on fossil fuels. This is what is driving the Michigan market for alternative fuel vehicles. There are a number of these vehicles on Walled Lake area roads today, and many more bein... More

Can Your Car Last Another Year?

November 23, 2017

Have you checked out the price of new vehicles at Walled Lake car dealers? Ouch! Add financing and insurance and a new ride may not seem so attractive. A lot of Walled Lake, Michigan, folks are hoping to make their cars last a lot longer.Fortunately, with the current state of automotive engineer... More

Know Your Towing Limits in Walled Lake

November 15, 2017

Some Walled Lake drivers figure that anything they can attach to their trailer hitch can be towed by their vehicle. Nope. If you're going to do any towing around Walled Lake, you should be aware of safety issues, Michigan towing laws and potential liability.Understanding tow ratings is important ... More

Fuel Saving Tip: Auto Myths Around Walled Lake

November 8, 2017

With high fuel prices in Walled Lake, Michigan, comes lots of gas saving advice. Some of it, like what you hear on is great. When you get one of those e-mails that's going around telling you how to save gas, try to think it through.Does it really make sense? Does it defy the laws of physics?Do... More